Security and Trust Centre

Comodo SSL

The Rolonext Website and data are protected with SSL certificates.
These secure that encrypted data passed in and out of the website. The also ensure the identity of the website as well as that you are connecting to a valid server.

These SSLs use Industry standard 2048 bit digital signatures and 99.9% browser recognition.

The mobile application connects to the server and database via the SSL API and this ensures that full authentication and encryption is provided. No access to the server is available outside this API and hence all data is secure and protected.

Acronis Backup

Rolonext Data backups are further secured by a Full Encryption algorithm and backed up into the Acronis Cloud. This data is secured and ensures that we can roll back at any point and review data issues and also have a full history of data changes.


Where there is sensitive data like passwords – we use column level encryption in the database that ensures that even if a breach this data cannot be decrypted without programmatic logic as well. This ensures a high level of encryption been the database and users.

All servers are secured and locked down to VPN and also select company IP ensuring that the servers are never accessible by unauthorised means and people. The servers are further protected by a Software firewall and ensures that the servers are protected from attacks and Malware.

Our servers also log software and security logs to further ensure that any unknown events are tracked and logged.