Rolonext vs other technologies

AirDrop is a great way to share files among iOS users, but it still leaves unable to easily transfer files to other OS users.
Airdrop uses Bluetooth to make the initial connection then switches to Wi-Fi to complete the file transfer.

Major drawbacks of NFC is the range of transmission. While NFC has a range of around 4 cm, Bluetooth connections can transmit data up to 10 meters or more from the source. Another drawback is that NFC is quite a bit slower than Bluetooth. It transmits data at a maximum speed of just 424 kbit/s, compared to 2.1 Mbit/s with Bluetooth 2.1 or around 1 Mbit/s with Bluetooth Low Energy.

RoloNext works cross-platform and doesn’t have to be pre-installed.
Unlike NFC devices which need to be physically bumped with each other, RoloNext requires no touching. This means that it can also transfer data from one device to many others, whereas NFC devices are restricted to transferring data one-to-one.