Brand Every Aspect Of Your Online Presence

Create custom business card templates on our web portal and deploy them to your team’s smartphones. Your team can use their new cards in seconds.

Always Up to Date

Changes you make to the templates get automatically updated on your team’s cards and on devices of everyone who has their Rolonext card.


Securely On Cloud

All your information securely stored on the cloud, you can access it any time from any device. Use our web portal to sync all contacts of your team with platforms that they already work with.


Share To Any Device

Share your digital card from your phone, people can save your complete contact information directly into any address book on a smartphone or on a computer.

Create Your Branded Design

Create Your Branded Design

Use our admin portal to create a custom template for your company business card in minutes.

Add your own images that reflect what you do and get more feedback. People retain 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read.

Add your social media and make it easy for people to find all your contact information in one location online and access it with one click. A high percentage of prospective clients/customers take a look at your social media accounts before deciding to make the commitment to your company.

Let your team add their photo to the card. Having a photo on your business card helps people remember you.

Add Your Team

Use our web portal to add your team. Import their contact information from excel file and create their cards in minutes. Your team can use their new cards immediately.

If any of your team member changed their phone number or email address or any other contact details, just login to your web portal and change the details. All your company contacts will be automatically updated.

Share Your RoloNext Card To Any Device

Because your business card is digital, all your contact details, including your photo, social media and your company description can be saved directly into any address book on a smartphone or on a computer.

With our unique technology, you can share your digital card from your phone, with other users nearby, without being connected to the internet. Simply tap on their name and the card is transmitted instantly.

Collect And Organize Leads

Automatically collect contacts from every team member and keep them organized in one location.

View analytics of your team members to see who makes the most of new contacts.

Export all of your contacts as a CSV file that can be uploaded to most CRMs.

Securely On The Cloud

Store your information securely on the cloud and access it anytime on any device.

Login to our web portal and export or sync your contacts to platforms that you already work with.

Safeguarding your data is our highest priority. We use technologies based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to protect your data and provide an Award Winning Business Data Backup – Acronis, for the users’ data.

Securely On The Cloud
Acronis backup


Design your card on the next few screens then login on your smartphone to share it.